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Meet the Cake Artist

I'm Judith and I’m the cake artist and baker behind The Juju Cakes.

I fell in love with cake decorating after getting tired of having plain and boring shop-bought cakes for my daughter's celebrations.

I decided to decorate those shop-bought cakes with piping gels, sprinkles and toppers from Poundland.  It didn't stop there because I had a lightbulb idea to try and bake cakes from scratch (thanks to google and youtube)!

I had a lot of errors in the beginning (that's how it goes in life in general, isn't it?). But I was really glad that I kept trying and my supportive friends kept on eating my trial bakes.

And here I am today doing my dream job and making beautiful and delicious cakes for you!

Looking back, 10 years ago, I wouldn't have thought of being a cake artist/baker. What a journey it has been!

To the clients who trusted me to be a part of their celebrations, thank you for making my dreams come true.

Cheers to more cakes! 

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